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Back to School Special - $9 Haircut for Girls and Boys


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The summer is ending and fall and winter are on their way.  A good thing arises from the change in seasons.  Kids go back to school.  (Scream for joy all at once now!)  To get them ready for school, Sonic Children Beauty Hair at Traville Village Center is offering $9 haircuts.

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  These haircuts are regularly $15 for boys and $18 for girls.  This is an incredible deal to get kids ready for back to school! So when you send them off on there first day they will look great for their friends (and teachers).

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Monday-Friday 10 - 6
Saturday 9-6
Sunday 10 -5

User's Review

  • A FUN place for kids to get haircuts; they will not want to go anyplace else!--

Village Deal Says

Somic Salon also offers birthday parties.  Kids can celebrate their big day and use nail glitter, makeup, hair glitter, etc. as well as play games in a fun environment.

Somic Children Beauty Hair

9741 Traville Gateway DR
Rockville, MD 20850
(at Traville Village Center)