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Ronald D. Bouwman
9713 Skylark Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73162
 Telephone: (405) 720-0110
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Email: Radarbook@aol.com

Air Traffic Control Radar Technology

  Ronald D. Bouwman wrote the book on it, literally.
The book, Radar Systems for Technicians is not the usual vague coverage of
radar technology, and it isn't written only for those with engineering
doctorates.  It is a 556-page, heavily-illustrated, in-depth, nuts-and-bolts
theory book written in a clear, old-fashioned, detailed style, rarely seen in
this new age of "dumbed-down" technical information.  The book describes the
history and progression of air traffic control ground radar theory and
circuitry from the earliest World War II systems, through the 40-year
development of moving-target-indicators (MTI), to the 90s
moving-target-detector (MTD) systems.  And, there's a full chapter on air
traffic control secondary radar beacon systems, too.

Ronald Bouwman has been a technical writer, instructor, illustrator,
technician, and manager, of air traffic control radar systems.  He is now
retired, but still teaches at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City.

   Textbook has been in classroom use by military organizations and by 
   Very useful to both technicians and engineers
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